Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Reading and panicking, mainly panicking.

Due to my legs not really cooperating lately I have been spending a lot of my time reading and panicking about the up coming Thames Path 100.
The panicking part can be explained but probably not fixed till I am already running it, the reading part on the other hand is going well.
My first 100 mile attempt is playing on my mind somewhat with every twinge and ache in my legs and Achilles. I am convincing myself that its just my legs practicing the kind of horror they are to endure in May. I find the lies to be helping.....just.
When I am not freaking myself out too much I have been really enjoying a new book by Dave Urwin called - Everything will work out in the long run.

It has made me laugh and nearly cry within a couple of pages. Its an inspiring roller coaster of a read and I feel a little sad to have finished it.
I am really holding back right now as I want to keep typing away and tell you everything! I must restrain!
Needless to say that I found it very entertaining indeed.
The jumping backwards and forwards in time caught me a little off guard to begin with but maybe that is my lack of reading! The subjects in this book go from being lighthearted and funny right to the other end of the spiral in a blink of an eye. I guess much like real life can feel sometimes.

Its a very funny and thought provoking book that I think a lot of people could relate to. Dave doesn't pull many punches and I really enjoyed his honest approach.

It was strange for me to read through the book and remember seeing him at one of the aid stations of my first ultra, the North Downs Way 50. Then to think that he must have seen my brother in law at his first ultra, the Thames Path 100! He speaks a lot near the end about coincidences. I am more of a "everything happens for a reason" kind of guy. Same thing I guess? It made me think about the little bits of the book that seem to give a little nod at my own story, including thinking about writing down my own story!

I speak to Dave quite a lot over the internet and very happy to see that he is going to be giving the Thames Path 100 a go! Hopefully I will get to meet him and have a proper chat and work on my airplane impressions! ;) To understand what im talking about please go and grab a copy from Dave! 

I shall leave this post as a short one before I re-write the book on here!
Please go and chat to Dave and get a copy now!!

Much love 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monkey Tag Running

For a little while now there has been a gentle buzz in the ultra running scene here in the UK regarding "Social ultras". The idea behind it is to just put the word out about a run you are doing, hook up with some like minded people and go for a run! Brilliant!
It is in no way a new idea but its still a great one. In the US this style of "event" is known as a "fat ass" I wont spoil the story behind it....have a search ;)

This got me thinking about all of the other folks maybe just starting out or that may not have access to a running club, or well, a multitude of other reasons that may slow down their progress in this wonderful thing we call running. Some, myself included, would love to do more events but simple can not afford the entry fee! Then you have other issues like, getting a place, being worried about cut off times or being last. Many people would love to run a half or full marathon for example but are worried that they are simply too slow for an event. This is when a light bulb went off...

Monkey Tag Running is something I am playing around with at the moment. It is for anyone and everyone of all distances and abilities. The idea is pretty simple. Think of a distance, where and when you want to run, then ask if anyone can join you! No money other than your own travel, food and water.
No entrance fee, no goody bag, no t-shirt, no time worries, no frills running!
If you want to commemorate the occasion then why not get a dog tag engraved and bring it with you? At the end of the run everyone else can present it to you! It doesn't even have to be a tag, it could be a toy, a bit of string, it doesn't matter. What matters is the fun behind it.
It is just an idea to try and break down the walls a little around the idea that for your run to "count", it has to be an "official" race. OK I like doing them as much as the next guy but I don't feel I need a "real" event to go out and run a 5k/10k/half/whatever! Just run and have fun!
So if you feel like maybe making some new friends, having a giggle or maybe getting some free training then check out Monkey Tag Running (click hereon Facebook and have a chat with some like minded people. Its all FREE, its all for fun

Anyone who is a little further along should also check out Its a great place to hook up with others planning long training runs and ultra recces.

Hope to see you at a social soon! :)