Photo fun!

This page is a little collection of pictures for you to enjoy! :) More to come soon!
Hell Runner 2011 - The Bog of Doom!
Hell Runner 2011 - I finished the last mile barefoot! :)
Hell Runner 2011 - Very muddy, sandy, happy feet!
My first test run in Luna sandals 16/7/12
Miles of mud and smiles! 16/7/12 :)

Home after my first Luna sandal run 16/7/12
Luton November 2012 - Enjoying the taste of my first marathon!

Happy Milo!
Just another night on the town!

At the start of the NDW50 18/5/13

Milo the Mile of Mice Mouse with the NDW50 medal!
My feet looking good after the NDW50 in Luna sandals

Me finishing the NDW50!!! Make sure you turn down your speakers! My mum was a bit loud! ha ha ha love it!
My trusty Luna got me through my second Ultra!

Milo rocking the Race to the Stones medal! 13/07/13

Adrian,Andrew,Courtney and me at the finish of Race to the Stones 2013

Me and Scott Jurek!! 06.10.13

Scott Jurek signing my foot LOL!
Scott Jurek signing my foot LOL! 

The tattoo! ha ha ha 14.10.13

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