Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The retirement of Milo the mouse

5 months a go I posted a little blog about a knitted mouse. (for those who need a catch up click here)

That same little knitted mouse has been with me for pretty much every run I have done since that post.
We have covered about 300 miles together, through mud, rain, sun and even paint! 
As someone much smarter than me once said "pictures are worth a thousand words" so below in no particular order is a small selection of what we have been up to...
Milo getting some love before the Color Run
Milo hiking in Wales
Milo a little dirty after the color run!
Looking after the gear before the NDW50
The upgrade so he wouldn't get lost 
Happy flag for a happy Milo
Visiting Piglet!
Visiting Winnie the pooh
Bringing home the bacon on my first Ultra marathon NDW50

Milo rocking my 2nd Ultra marathon, Race to the Stones 100k

As you can see its been a crazy few months! The original plan was to send Milo off to join the line with the rest of the mice to help break the record. Unfortunately as you can appreciate after 2 Ultra marathons, the Color Run and well, 300 miles of being outside Milo is looking a little worse for wear and shouldn't really be given to any cat for fear that he may ride it off into the sunset! Instead Milo is being retired and a letter being sent with the funds raised, a bunch of other mice and a link to here with his story.
A huge thank you to everyone who has been following #milomiles and #mileofmice along the way on Twitter.

Its been fun little buddy, now put those little feet up!
Last wave from Milo before retirement

Cardiosaurus and Milo out!

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