Friday, 10 January 2014

3 weeks till the Thames Trot 50!

As I look up at the news to see a man water skiing down his local high street I am starting to wonder if its time to panic yet?
The Thames Trot 50 mile is on February 1st and these floods are showing no signs of stopping any time soon.
So whats the plan?
Well if the normal route is still going to be used then it is going to be an interesting test of my Luna for sure! Thick sticky mud is not really the desired terrain for shoes let alone sandals! If the route is diverted then it will be around 44 miles instead of 50 but that will still more than likely have some very muddy sections.
Should be a very interesting run indeed!

The path is pretty flat but it is still a test for me as the cut off is 11 hours.

At the moment I guess my plan is to just try and relax and take it as it comes and try to get into a nice steady pace from the start. Walk the ups, run the downs, eat, drink and be merry! (looks easy on paper!)

In other news...
This morning I got an email to say that I am now entered into the Thames Path 100 in May!!! It really is time to panic! The Thames Trot just became a recce as well as a race!! GULP!
Oh well its all good fun isn't it?!

Time to sort out some deep tissue massage and start winding down ready for the start line!

Fingers crossed!


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