Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Fitness confidential" book review

I really liked the honest no bullshit approach to this book so I shall attempt to do the same with my review.

Funny, tragic, inspiring, get it now!

OK so I might need to pad this out a bit.

Vinnie Tortorich is a pretty cool guy. Actually he is a pretty angry guy, but a nice one. I first heard about Vinnie through UltraLuke Ashton when he started mentioning his meals were "NSNG".

What the hell is that?

NSNG stands for NSugar, NGrain
The idea being to heavily reduce if not completely eliminate processed sugar and grain from your life while returning to a high quality fat intake diet through real food, interesting huh?
With that in mind I was eager to read the book and find out more. What I found was a wonderfully inspiring, hard hitting story about a pretty amazing guy, oh and a little nod to NSNG.
It was almost frustratingly simple.

No sugar, No grain.

I kept reading on thinking "Yeah OK Vinnie, but what then?! Where is the catch? Where is the exercise plan? The pricey equipment to go with this idea? Give me something?!"

No sugar, No grain.

Its right there, simple.
Its amazing, I thought revelations were meant to feel like a massive sky splitting experience, instead I read these simple words and did what you are doing now. I sat there, scratched my head and went "huh?"
Lose the sugar, lose the grain, lose weight, lose the bloating. "but..." Stop over thinking it, trust me, I have already done that for you!
Its only when I got to the Acknowledgements section in the book that it said they wanted to make the book fun and just open a door to NSNG that I thought "Phew! I Thought I was missing something!"

I thought it was a great way to wet the appetite over the subject of NSNG and I for one will be doing a lot of digging into the "boring" bits and this will come up again for sure! ;)
The story itself is very entertaining, I really don't want to spoil it for anyone, please go grab a copy from Vinnie here (vinnietortorich.com) Also while you are there, check out the pod cast (warning he pulls no punches!) it is funny as hell, Anna Vocino does a great job of keeping him almost in line! :)

Back to the book!
I went into this book in the hope that I would come away with more information on a No sugar, No Grain life. What I came away with was unexpected. One simple phrase that I think really spoke volumes about nutrition, training, attitudes and well...life in general.
After reading this one phrase I knew that Vinnie had got one thing wrong.
The title.
"Fitness confidential" in my most humble opinion doesn't fit. Instead I propose another.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the phrase is simple but encompasses so much and shines like a beacon of hope.
Ladies and Gentlemen...

"Cut the Crap"

Thanks for reading guys!


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