Monday, 21 April 2014

Review - Running and Stuff

Hey folks, whilst sitting on the injury bench I have had some time to catch up on my reading so we all know what that means....its review time!

Now if you have spent some time on that Face-tweet thing and are partial to a bit of running, the chances are you have heard of James Adams. If you have heard of him I really don't need to tell you that he has a book out. He has mentioned it. A lot.
As it turns out, as well as being pretty good at this running lark he is also great writer!
Anyone who has chatted to James for a while via the interweb will know that he is a funny guy and is passionate about his running. I knew some of the races he had done before as his name would crop up all over the place but didn't really know the true extent until I read the book.

Get the book!

No, really. Stop reading this and buy the book! You will not be disappointed, well that is unless you are easily offended with mild swearing and pretty much constant talk of poo. Then, well, maybe you will be a little disappointed. I bet it will still make you smile though, come on admit it! Who doesn't like a story about poo?! You know like that time that your mate got shat on by a seagull?! Bet you laughed eh?!

I digress, where was I?

Ah yes! The book! "Running and Stuff" is a very inspiring and amusing read that needs to be on every aspiring ultra runners book collection. His down to earth style makes for easy reading and I just couldn't put it down! Unfortunately this also meant that I finished it really quickly! DOH!

You may have picked up that so far I have not actually mentioned anything that happens in the book. I figured the title probably gave it away.
A little more perhaps?

James has done a few things that would make most runners jaws drop. Spartathlon, Badwater, GUCR to name but a few......oh and he ran across America. Yeah. 

Hows that jaw?
Yes you read that correctly, America. Los Angeles to New York to be more precise. 
Oh you want it in miles? 3200 of them! That`s an average of 45 miles a DAY for 70 days!! 70!
My last race was 45 miles and I just about hobbled a mile and a half to work the next day, the thought of doing that over and over again just makes my head spin!

So there you have it! If you like your stories to be pretty damn epic with a mountain of humour and a light dusting of poo.....wait, wait, wait....can I really end it like that?

Yes, yes I can.

Buy the book! You can grab your copy from "Troubador" or "Amazon"

Thanks for reading!

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