Monday, 9 March 2015

The time travelling runner

I have loads of posts to catch up on. I really need to write my Mill Hill Marathon report but instead my mind went for a walk about and found this.....

Movies about time travel always get me thinking. If you could, what would you change? 
In the movies the hero would travel back in time and change a seemingly ordinary event that then ripples out and changes the course of history.
Then returning to their own time they find everything is just dandy, have a sit down and a nice cuppa....Perfik!
But what if when they traveled back in time, rather than keeping the memory of the past, they literally rewound time, 10 years earlier without a clue that they had done all of this before? Except of course for every now and then when they get a feeling of deja vu.

You see Humans are very good at looking back and seeing what they *should* have done years a go. "if I had only..." and "I wish I had..." are common among the thoughts of yesteryear. As a species though we are not always that great at looking forwards.

So just for fun what if we stopped for a moment and considered my theory?
You have already done this, at least once if you didn't get it right last time! So why did you come back? What is so important about right now?
You have the power to change something right now that will affect your entire future, what do you do?
Get your diet in order? Pay more attention to people around you? Train more? Start being a little braver? 

What do you want your near future to look like? Been putting off that "once in a lifetime" thing?

Book the race. Train harder. Eat better. Laugh more.

Make NOW the point you look back on 10 years from now and smile at.

Hell, if im wrong you can always come back and do it again! ;)

Love and hugs

Future Cardiosaurus ;)

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