Monday, 28 January 2013

A training plan for people who hate training plans!

Lets face it training plans are boring, tedious and uninspiring, well at least I think so.

I find it really hard to keep to a training plan, work and social life tend to get in the way.
Before you know it that wonderful plan seems impossible and BAM! You find yourself on the sofa watching some rubbish on t.v covered in crisps and sweet wrappers.

While a training plan can be a fantastic thing for a lot of people, with its structure and regimented miles, time, heart rate, etc...for me, not so much.

Training plans I believe should be taken as a guide instead of some kind of holy book, everybody is different.
We all heal at different rates, run at different speeds, cope better on different terrain, run at different times of the get my point.

We are all different so why should everyone follow the same plan?
Try this instead, take your plan for your chosen distance and simply regard it as a guidebook.
Listen to your body, if you are tired, rest!
If you feel like running an extra mile or one less, do it!
Feeling quick today? Start slow then leg it!
Feeling slow? Plod!
Relax and enjoy it! Remember why you are running, its fun, SMILE! :)
Once again, listen to your body and get to know yourself, it is your best training tool of all!

Many, many, many people don't listen to their bodies enough and end up hurting themselves.
On the contrary to popular belief, running is not meant to hurt, if it hurts, why?
Is it form? Running too hard? Stone in your foot?

Learn to listen to your body and your training will become play time not time to dread!

Good luck with your "guides" ;)

Miles of smiles


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