Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Gandalf effect

Today I tackled my first 20 mile run since my first marathon back in November!

It felt great to be pushing the miles up again, well that is until mile 10.
Mile 10 decided things were going along a little too smoothly and felt maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to it.

Some call it "the wall", some call it "bonking" though in the UK this mean something different all together! Me? I call it "The Gandalf effect"

Total blindness to the task at hand, an overwhelming urge to just sit down and "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" reverberating all around your brain.

It was a strange moment for me as it doesn't happen very often, I am usually pretty careful about watching my electrolytes, water and food but there he was.

20 feet high, staff raised above his head, beard and cloak blowing in the wind, bellowing "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" into my unsuspecting face. The ground felt unstable and my eyes were tired (presumably from the light of the staff) I truly thought this was game over as I started walking very slowly in what I hoped to be the direction of my house.

Now in times of great running need I turn to the only thing I

When in doubt, stuff your face! :)
So there I was stumbling slowly with a mouthful of my home made clif bars and I could see Gandalf getting a little agitated.
"food is his weakness!" shot through my fuzzy cortex "nom nom nom these are actually really good!" Gandalf shrank by 5 feet. "mmmm next ones shouldn't be quite this sweet" another 5. Clearly shaken by the power I now possessed Gandalf fought hard over the next mile to bring me to my knees.

Bite after bite I reduced him down to the size of an ant and then simply walked over him. I toasted this victory with the remains of my plastic goblet and instantly started running again!

Just before 14 miles I met up with my future brother in law who had run 12 miles to meet me, just in time too as I was ready to call it a day and maybe have a nap instead.
We chatted and bopped along for the next 6 miles, said our goodbyes and off he went to finish up his 31 mile run!! All in a days work eh?!
It was strange and wonderful to run with someone else for a bit as I have got so used to being on my own on a long run.

So there you have it, tonight's tale of battles, journeys, beards and food!
Maybe I shall put these tales too song so that Bards may take them on their own journeys a far! Yes! Tales of suffering and pain, joy and rapture!
I shall bind it all with a golden shoelace and it shall be called "Lord of the R(unn)ings"!

WOW! OK! That run may have done a little to much to my mind right now!
One final word from Gandalf and then rest......



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