Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New toys!

Hey everyone hope your all doing well!

I got home tonight to find my new toys courtesy of the peeps at Xero Shoe! Thanks guys! :)

There will be a full review to come once I have put some miles on them. In the meantime lets have a look at some of the hundreds of ways you could tie one of these bad boys up!

Simply typing "How to tie Huaraches" into Google will give you a great start and coincidentally will bring you to some great videos from Invisible shoe who just happen to be the same guys at Xero!

If you are worried about messing up your new sandals make some out of cardboard to practice!

Getting you sandals "just right" takes a little bit of practice. Tie, untie, tie again and experiment with which tying technique works for you.

One of the easiest has to be the slip on slip off method. Now I could try to explain how to do this in writing but your head my burst, so with that in mind, take it away dude!.....

Ah that was easier wasn't it?! Have a go and see how you get one while I do the same with my new toys!

Catch you guys soon for a full report on my new Xero Shoe!

Remember to smile! ;)

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