Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The humdrum conundrum

So you want to become an Ultra runner? Me too! To do this you need time to run, obvious but important fact. The small issue is one of time.
Do you get up at crazy`o clock? Run after work? All of the mentioned? Its tough to keep motivated when your time is minimal.
Personally I like to run after work, well lets be honest if I could run instead of work that we be ideal but unfortunately like many many others this is a luxury I do not have.
Running after a full day at work can sometimes be a challenge in itself as its very easy just to sit in that comfy chair and bask in the glow of the TV. However I find the reward for getting straight back out again even when tired to be great.
Maybe its in my head but I figure if I can head out after working 9 hours and still put in a 3.5 hour run then on race day I should be golden!
Mornings for me just don't work in terms of running, I feel nasty and it takes me too long to wake up. This I also figure wont help my technique so in the interest of not hurting myself and of course the interest of my sleep I am a night owl.
The small issue with being an owl is once again our friend time.
Home, changed and out the door again by 6pm gives me just enough time to get some decent miles in before heading home, shower, eat and bed. On my long runs bed can be just before midnight. Dinner is eaten literally on the run with a small meal once I get home. Then its off to sleep ready for work again in the morning.
Here is where the title comes in to today's story.
The conundrum I am beginning to face as my long runs are getting longer is once again time.
I really need to work up to around 6 hours running time. Now those of you who are gifted with quick math skills will very quickly work out that once done running it is already 12am. Shower and eat and hope that my brain wants to sleep should see me counting sheep by around 1.30 maybe 2am.

I guess I just man up right? Its not called an "Ultra" for nothing right?!

Well this also brings me onto the blogging to running ratio, running gives me something to blog about but takes time. Blogging gives me an outlet for my running adventures but takes time. My job keeps my house paid for so that I can spend less and less time in it due to the running, I obviously need money and a job takes up time. The solution is to get paid to run, I need to win races so would need a lot of time to train....ah...erm....

The Humdrum Conundrum


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