Monday, 29 April 2013

News on reviews

Hey guys and girls been a while eh?

I have been busy trying to get myself ready for my 50 mile Ultra Marathon which is now....dun...dun...duuuuuun! 3 weeks away!
Scary stuff! On the up side for you guys this means that I have had a lot of time to test and review a whole bunch of new gear that I have mentioned before! JOY!!
I will post in more detail on each product as they all need their own space, but for now I shall give you a sneak peak.....

Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest

Brief overview...
Ultimate Direction are a company from the USA striving to bring us some of the best hydration products around. Lightweight, durable, comfortable and beautiful are but a few words that spring to mind when I think of my "AK race vest". The materials used in this pack are just stunning! This pack is one of the main reasons I have not been blogging a lot due to amount of time I want to wear it! The adjustment is amazing, with two chest straps and side straps to help keep bounce to a minimum.
Having the bottles up front is fantastic and I for one will never be going back to anything else.
The bottles themselves are a thing of beauty. They are BPA free to start with which is brilliant, the rubber mouth piece is comfortable and doesn't leak everywhere and they have a really handy loop on them so they are easy to grab! The mouth piece is nice and soft so you don't smash your teeth in as you sip from it like I have done in the past with other plastic bottles! I will stop there before I get to carried away, you will be hearing more about the AK race vest later!

SealSkinz beanie

This is something I should have bought over the winter as it is crazy warm! A waterproof beanie with a fleece  lining that is both comfortable and practical. You will almost wish for rain so you can wear it!
Due to the weather picking up a little bit this is something I may have to test more in the winter but it is worth a little mention now.

Montane Atomic Jacket

Just picked this up on Saturday! New for 2013 the Montane Atomic Jacket is so light and packs down really small making it easy to just throw in a bag for those long runs. Windproof, waterproof, breathable and has an adjustable hood! This is my new "wont leave home without it" item and shall be joining me on my 50!

Montane Terra pants

Ok so the name sounds a bit like a 50`s B movie but don't let that fool you, these pants are all business!
Lightweight and well built, I cant wait to give these a try! I carried them with me on a run on Saturday and didn't even notice I was carrying them! Unfortunately it was a little too warm to try them out just yet but that's what night runs are for eh?! Keep them pealed folks! 

I think I shall stop there for now as I have loads of other bits to get through as well and I dont wont to loose track! is at this point that I realize that I may have some kind of issue with hoarding running gear! :)

With that in mind, if you would like anything running related reviewed by yours truly then please drop me a line!

Till next time running fans!


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