Thursday, 2 May 2013

Milo the #MileofMice mouse!

My Mother is crafty.

I mean in a making lots of stuff kind of way not a sneaky spy. She makes loads and loads of different things from slippers to tiny little really, she made a tiny little knitted elephant!
She got involved in a wonderful idea to raise money for the Alzheimer`s Society and also break a world record at the same time.
The idea is to get people to knit 7600 mice and then join them nose to tail to try and guessed it! A mile of mice! Knitters can be sponsored to make them and then once they are done they will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Alzheimer`s Society! Brilliant!

So I can see a lot of confused faces out there reading this post thinking "so why is this running guy talking about knitting?!" well as I mentioned my Mother is crafty...hmm maybe like a sneaky spy after all and gave me a knitted mouse with an idea in mind.
From now till October when the Mile of Mice will be measured I shall be taking my new running buddy with me to see how many miles we can clock up to try and raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer`s Society!
Without further ado I present to you.......Milo! (Thanks for the name Dad! Genius!)

Milo the Mile of Mice mouse!

If you would like to track Milo`s progress or get involved just look for us on Twitter #mileofmice
For a pattern to make your own mice and join in on the record click here!

Thanks for reading peeps!

Cardiosaurus and Milo


  1. Fantastic! Good luck and hope Milo enjoys the journey(s)Thanks for supporting this charity project.

  2. Thank you for the comment and please keep an eye on my Twitter feed for Milo updates! :D I shall try and get some photos and keep a track in "Milo miles" along the way...