Monday, 13 May 2013

The final count down!

Its been a long time coming but I am finally onto my final week before the North Down Way 50!
Its time to taper, relax, eat some good food and hydrate. Oh and PANIC!

Trying pretty hard not to freak out and just concentrate on the above...minus the panic!

This week is all about mental preparation as all the leg work is done (see what I did there? :D ) Just trying to get your head in the game can sometimes be harder than the training.
So how do you get focused?
Visualise the finish? Study the map? Tell yourself its as good as done? Read blogs like this one?

Well what ever works for you, do it! Your mind is the hardest muscle to train of them all, work on it just as hard as the rest of your body and you will be able to take on anything.

Right I am off now to read some race reports and get myself pumped up for Saturday!!!

Train that brain people!


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