Monday, 10 June 2013


Hey guys and girls hope you are all doing well!

Just thought I would do a quick update post of things to come.
I am currently testing out some quad compression gear from 2XU and shall get to work on a review as soon as I have some decent testing done.

The Earth Runners Alpha sandal update will come soon as I have been putting some miles on them.

I should really get round to doing a review of my Ultimate Direction AK vest as well!!
AAAH! So much to catch up on! ha ha ha!

My training miles are starting to go up again as I have signed up for Race to the Stones in July!!
It looks like it is going to be a very pretty one and it will also push my distance PB up to 100km!
I'm really looking forward to this one as there is less pressure to hit cut off times and I already know I can do 50 miles. Whats another half marathon on top between friends eh? ;) ha ha ha

So that's Race to the Stones in July and I have also booked my first 24 hour self transcendence race for September! I must be nuts! 24 hours and a running track.......oh dear.....that's gonna be a tough one not to loose my marbles on! :D

With all this madness aside I feel humbled and honoured to have inspired some people around me to get into running! My sister "Spood" and her partner "Nuke Sky walker", my cousin "team Flint" and drum roll please!!...................... "Mummysaurus" looks set to join the crew!!! All of which are working hard to hit their own personal goals and in turn inspire each other to keep going! Big thumbs up to you all!

Right that's me for now as I have loads of training to catch up on!

Don`t forget to smile peeps! :D


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