Monday, 1 July 2013

2 weeks till Race to the Stones!

So as the title says, I have 2 weeks now till Race to the Stones!!

Time to taper and worry about how the training or lack of training went.
This is also a time to start thinking about kit.

As you all know by now I am a bit of a kit nut, I love anything that will make my journey just that little bit nicer! This ties in nicely with some Quad compression sleeves that I was sent by the folks at 2XU. Thanks guys and girls!

So what are Quad compression sleeves?
Well in short they are sleeves that go over your Quads, kind of like a tube sock.
Adding compression to the muscles is meant to give support and stability whilst also helping to reduce muscle fatigue and damage.

I have been testing these out since finishing my first Ultra marathon back in May and so far they are pretty good!
On days when my legs are a little tired, I just pull these on and they help to take a little of the strain away in my Quads and Hamstrings.
I find them pretty comfortable, breathable and they do a pretty good job of taking the moisture away.
My only small gripe with these is they tend to bunch up a little at the top and slightly move down. Not a big deal on a short run but it can start to get a little uncomfortable on longer runs. I would be really interested in trying out the full on shorts of these for longer distances. Overall I am pretty happy with them and they are great to use after a hard run as I have found for me they speed up my recovery time. WIN!
They will be part of my kit for sure!

Talking of my kit, here is a list of stuff that will be on me for my second Ultra!
Ultimate Direction AK Race vest, Montane Atomic jacket, Montane Terra pants, Injinji socks,whistle, compass and paracord, Luna sandals, cold killer gloves, Buff, medical tape, vaseline, head torch, Elete water, pain killers, hey fever tablets, safty pins, long sleeve Hind top, Vita Coco water, 1x 650ml bottle, Chia seeds, 6x GU gels and last but not least a knitted mouse on a carabiner!

I am going to take the risk of not taking spare shoes this time as the Injinji did me proud!

Oh well! Not long to see if its the right choice or not!!!

Play nicely kids!


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