Monday, 29 July 2013

New experiments and the elaborate sales pitch

Hey guys just thought I would do a quick post as its been a couple of weeks.

My recovery from Race to the Stones went really well and I was back out running after about 3 days.

Recently I have started adding some barefoot training to my running in the hope to run a barefoot 5k soon.
Doing a little bit of barefoot also has the advantage of highlighting minor flaws in my form. I have discovered that I need to work on reducing friction on my right foot.

After having a chat with Adrian (one of the guys I met at Race to the Stones) who runs barefoot a lot, I think I have worked out that while I am pulling up with my left foot, I think I may be slightly pushing off with my right.
The idea is to try and only pull up instead of pushing off with each foot. Now in sandals I thought I was doing this already, barefoot helped to show me that I very nearly had it down but not quite. By taking the sandals off I could instantly feel what I needed to work on and why I tended to get blisters in that area.
Hopefully with a bit more time training barefoot it should have a big knock on effect with my sandal running.

Thanks for the tips Adrian! :) It would have taken me ages to work that out just on my own!
If you would like to chat with Adrian yourself you can find him on Twitter @MovNatRunr

Also to add to my training experimentation I have started Spinning. No, not around and around, hmm, could be a lot of fun and maybe balance training? Spinning as in "hell bike!" For those of you who would like to melt into a puddle in about 15 minutes, try spinning! Tough on the quads and will make you melt....I loved it! I have only had 2 lessons so far but I shall be going back for more this week.

In other news!

Mummysaurus dragged me to a sports shop.....ok wait that's a lie, I never need dragging!
She had been telling me in a very round about way, that as much as she believes in my training that she would like to go for a gait analysis, just to have a second opinion. Wonderful! I love learning and secretly was curious as to whether I was doing things right by her anyway!!
We arrived at the store armed with a bag full of light shoes and heavy opinions. Well maybe the heavy opinions were just with me?
After chatting for a bit it was time for the treadmill and video. The guy was really helpful and it pleasantly surprised me that he was telling her the truth about her running and not just trying to sell her shoes.
He took a few videos and then got her to stop and have a chat.
It turns out that not only was I right in my observations of her running style, the guy agreed that her form is pretty good and.....wait for it!! She is a natural barefoot runner!!!!!! WIN!!
He even said that the orthotics the doctor had given her were unnecessary for her running and that she should just keep doing what she is doing!! I love this guy! :D
Then just for bonus points, almost to prove the point that it was evidence and not an elaborate sales pitch, he proceeded to NOT show us any shoes as they didn't even stock the ones she was looking for! ha ha ha brilliant!
So Mummysaurus left with a confidence boost and a very big smile while I left with some Skins compression shorts and some sports the hell did that happen? Maybe it was an elaborate sales pitch after all?

Race for Life

Mummysaurus along with my Sister and Auntie all took part in the Race for life on Sunday and all did so well! My Sister Spood (long story) smashed her 5k PB by just over 6 minutes!! :o Amazing effort! Just have to convince her that if she was to train (yeah I know, makes you sick eh?!) she could really be fast!
My Auntie put in a wonderful effort at walking the 5k, well I say 5k. It was a good mile or so from the car park to the start line!! Her little legs were tired before they even started, making the effort she put in even more impressive. Mummysaurus and her 4 legged friend Alfie walked along with her, Alfie with his little wet coat on helping to keep him cool in the sun.
I could see Mummysaurus just itching to run, patience Grasshopper! :)
I`m sure there will be a write up coming soon if you guys want to keep an eye out then click the link below....

Right I think that will do for now.
Catch you guys again soon, keep smiling!


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