Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Xero Sensori Venture review

I was very excited to open up my new Xero Shoe Sensori Venture and could wait to get them on my feet.

I restrained myself just long enough to have a quick look around them at the new design.
The main sole of the Xero is almost the same as the pair I tested a while a go with the exception of the side holes now being a little higher. Nice idea as this stops the abrasion issue to the laces.

There is now a new rubber type toe post which is nice and soft and seems pretty strong.
The lacing has gone through a big change here and now has this interesting double lacing thing going on making them more like a slip on sandal. Adjusting the lacing at the side with the new addition of little buckles.
The laces for the heel now have this nice rubber tube on them which looks good and should feel a little nicer on the Achilles.

Lets go ahead and put them on!

I really don't wont to say it but this was the point when all the pretty bits didn't feel so pretty anymore.
The first thing I noticed was they aren't as wide anymore, my feet are very close to being too wide for them before I've even done them up. With this in mind comes the next problem. As they are now a slightly different shape the toe post now seems to sit in a strange place between my toes, overall not making them feel very comfy. I tried to loosen them off a little and then found myself finding problem number 3. The new heel cup design looks great, however I keep standing on it! I think after a while I would end up with it rubbing my heels. I am almost inclined to just cut the heel cup off!

Being an ultra runner I look at every sandal or shoe with distance in mind. How far can I go before I would rather use them as a Frisbee than footwear? The Sensori Venture for me don't really scream serious running sandal. Maybe they are better as a walking/casual sandal and I am looking into it to much? Its just my own opinion.

On to the good stuff!
The price is still very reasonable at just under £30 and I really like the addition of colour. I think they would make great summer footwear for out and about town. I think ladies could even get away with them in the office as well.
The slip on tying is pretty stable and makes it quicker and simpler to put on.
The rubber tube for the heel is a nice touch and is something I would like to see as an option to use with traditional tying methods.

Overall they are made well and they are light but they are not for my kind of running.



  1. It sounds to me like you simply got one size too small.

    We'll happily replace them.

  2. Thanks Steven I will happily try them again if you want to send a pair over :)