Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Thames Path 100

Ive tried to start this post a few different ways over the last few days and figured my best approach is to maybe take a slightly different one.

This report is not really about me as my story can be explained pretty quickly. In fact lets get that bit out of the way and get onto the good bit.

I set off with my brother in law a bit slower than I was expecting but it felt very comfy so we sat at it and just kept plodding.......

OK hold up, lets do the really short honest version.
I had a nagging hamstring and a fractured toe which meant that my training was, shall we say minimal?
No I am being honest here.
After the Thames Trot 50 in February I hadn't run more than 10 miles in training so I was massively under trained but I just wanted to see what I could do.

We basically shuffled ourselves from point to point until everything just became slower and slower and ground to a halt around 60 miles after missing the turning at Reading and running out of time.

Shortest race report ever? Maybe!

Lets get onto the real point of this post. If you want to read a race report im sure you can find a hundred of them.
As I said from the start this post isn't really about me. I wanted to use this post to highlight the proper hero's of this event. The volunteers, supporters and everyone in the Centurion family.

Nici Griffin - Thank for the time it took to not only sort out all the volunteers and countless others jobs, but the effort you put into doing this......

It did not go unnoticed and it showed an extra level of love that most other races just don't have. I know its maybe a silly thing to point out but it was the thought behind it! :)

Rich Cranswick - What can I say?! Made my day, im only sorry I couldn't claim that high 5 at 85 miles....next time buddy, next time! ;)

I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone for all of the support and everyone who follows me on Twitter and Facebook you guys are amazing. Its very humbling to have so many people behind me no matter the outcome.
The wonderful SAFTB crew, you guys have been there from the start, thank you all so much.
To all the wonderful "Funners" thank you all so much you are such a great bunch of folks!! Keep smiling!
Fellow BOSHers  Luke Ashton, myself and Shawn Timmons
To my new running family BOSH, thanks for having me guys and thank you for your support, I'll BOSH the next one! ;)
It was wonderful to meet up with so many people again/for the first time after chatting on the interwebs for so long.
Luna OSO and injinji trail 2.0 ready for the TP100
So many people to thank sorry if I missed anyone!! 
Luna monkeys!! Cant forget the monkeys! Peter Smith, Graham Kelly thank you for chatting away on Twitter, it was great to finally meet you and all the other monkeys! 
Speaking of monkeys, Monkey Tag Runners, thank you all so much as well for your kind words of support!

Finally to all my family, I wish I could express the love I have for you guys.....oh wait! I can with the gift I got from my mum! 
Ive always been told to end with a song so without further delay.......Take it away monkey!!!

Till next time folks!

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