Thursday, 12 June 2014

Quick catch up

Hey folks!

Just a quick catch up as I haven't posted for a little while.
I had a nice break after my first DNF (did not finish) from the Thames Path 100 and went on holiday to catch up with some family.....good times!

Now I`m back and that can only mean one thing.....its training time!

"So has anything changed?"

Well I guess maybe my approach. Right now I am trying to concentrate on simply running more consistently than I have in a while. Little and often seems to be working for me at the moment as my hamstring gets stronger.
I am also going to look into hitting the track and working on getting a little quicker while also giving myself a chance to completely freak out about my first 24 hour track event in September. *feeling slightly sick reading back over that!*

I have a fairly local 50k coming up on the 20th July which I`m really looking forward to as I`ve not done a 50k before so interested to see how I do with a shorter ultra.

I think that's about it for the moment on the catch up front....oooo wait, no actually I do hopefully have some exciting news regarding some clothing that I have mentioned before but not sure if I can say it out loud yet! ;)

Keep `em peeled folks! :D


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