Friday, 20 June 2014

The countdown to the Fairlands Valley 50k

The Fairlands Valley Challenge was only bought to my attention at the start of June when it was posted on the Facebook wall of Monkey Tag Running.
It was only £17 if I got in now so rushed about to sign up as quick as I could.
When reading over the details I noticed a great concept about the race (other than it being about half an hour from my house!) you get to pick your distance.....for the same entry fee!
That`s right, its the same price for either a 12 mile, 18 mile, marathon or 50k ultra!!
Needless to say, I`m in!!
I figured it would also be a good way to kick my training into gear as I start to ramp up for Tooting 24hr in September.
I got my conformation email and joined the Facebook group so I could keep up with the latest news. This is also where they threw in another strange thing. You pick your own number!!!!!
They give you a bracket to choose from according to the distance you have picked as below...

ULTRA 50k - 1 to 300
MARATHON - 301 to 600
18 MILES - 601 to 800
12 MILES - 801 to 1000

Great idea huh?! 
Naturally I picked number 13 stating that I like to live on the edge! ;)
Lets hope that one doesn't come back to bite me in the ass!

(click me) this takes you to the Runners World entry form, you know you want to! ;)

Back to training!!
Later folks!


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